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Welcome to the Dutchess EMC’s Website!
The Environmental Management Council (EMC) is Dutchess County’s official citizen advisory board on matters that affect the local natural environment.  The primary mission of the EMC is to advise Dutchess County officials on matters affecting the preservation and sustainable use of the natural resources in Dutchess County, and help to raise awareness of the public about local environmental issues.

Get Involved with Protecting YOUR Local Environment
So the saying Goes:  “Think Globally – Act Locally.”  Dutchess County, located in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York State, is home to rolling hills, meandering streams, bountiful drinking water supplies, fertile agricultural lands, and a mild climate.  In order to protect these precious natural resources, the EMC works to raise understanding of members of the public and works to help elected officials put more sustainable policies in place.

Learn how to Get Involved or Contact Us to bring a local issue of concern to our attention.  EMC volunteer members work closely with the professional staff of CCEDC’s Environment and Energy Program to accomplish their work.  The current Membership of the EMC includes at-large, ex-officio and CAC members – find out how to submit your application for an opening on the Council.

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